Youth Spotlight

Featuring Youth Artists of the Pikes Peak Region.

Broadcast the third Sunday of each month at 10am, with a repeat on Monday at 7:30am, Wednesday at 3pm, Friday at 1pm, and Saturday at 9am.
  1. DeShaun Ellison 5:15
  2. Kaylee Choate 5:56
  3. Parker Lorenzen 6:58
  4. Catalina Chess 5:02
  5. Mill Merrell 4:22
  6. Cece Bowens 7:13
  7. Christian Baeck 8:37
  8. Aidan Meehan 4:35
  9. Ryan Black 7:56
  10. Ace Johnson 5:40
  11. Ella Batson 4:04

Jazz 93.5 is proud to shine a spotlight on the vibrant and talented youth artists of the Pikes Peak region each month. We invite gifted young artists to share their musical journeys, inspirations, and the unique stories behind their performances with local schools, organizations, and performing groups. Thanks to all of the young artists who have been featured so far!